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Dennis O'Bryant is an artist, painter, sculptor and sometimes poet creating artworks in a century old bungalow in historic Marshall, Texas east of the downtown area which serves as residence, studio and gallery. The paintings are rendered primarily in acrylic paint and often include the use of Sharpie permanent markers, paper collage and other mixed media. The subjects of these paintings range from the mysterious Caddo Lake, abstract compositions, the female form to pieces that tell a story, mostly about the artist's journey. Sculpted works fabricated in metal are abstract pieces composed of geometric and twisted remnants of steel while works in clay tend to have more of a human element such as female torsos and stylized busts. All things are raw material for creating, the sketchbook, photos, trips and personal relationships all blend together to create this art. Thank you for taking the time to see it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

DENOART: Public & Private

The Fun Public at Charlie's Backyard, Marshall, TX

Private Collection, Marshall, TX

The Art Public, Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX


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